An Eating Disorder Can Impact Your Oral Health

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Human psychology is very diverse. Certain disorders and conditions can arise in individuals from a variety of sources with reasons that run deep into the psyche. Unfortunately, even a seemingly minor mental health issue can have a significant impact on a person’s overall health and well-being.

Individuals struggling with long-term problems such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia often face general health issues as well as oral health problems. Without professional intervention and treatment these serious conditions can lead to the loss of multiple teeth and chronic problems with gum disease.

The general malnutrition of anorexia can affect the soft living tissues within a tooth as well as the periodontal tissues that anchor the teeth in place. Individuals who are struggling to deal with bulimia also tend to have issues with tooth enamel erosion related to the increased acid exposure in the mouth.

Here at Ortega Dental Winter Park’s office in Winter Park, Florida, our staff recognizes the challenges with these serious conditions and the impact they can have on your oral health. Our dentist can work with you to identify oral health issues that may have developed and presented you with an effective treatment strategy.

In many of these cases increased fluoride can help rejuvenate the strength of the tooth enamel. A simple fluoride treatment and a follow-up course of prescription fluoride supplements might help with cavity prevention as well as minimizing tooth sensitivity linked to enamel erosion. Any active areas of tooth decay will require additional treatments.

If you have been struggling with oral health issues associated with an eating disorder, you should call 407-645-3636 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jennifer Ortega and her staff.