Care for Your Child After IV Sedation by Using Our Tips

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IV sedation is a safe and great tool that can help your child feel comfortable, calm, and relaxed in the dental chair. If you decide this is the best sedative for your child during a dental treatment, Dr. Jennifer Ortega and our dental team are happy to give you the tips you need to care for your child after their appointment.

The first tip is to be cautious about red flags. Those things are: heavy bleeding, severe pain, fever, chills, and nausea. Please contact our dental team if any of these signs last longer than 24 hours, or if the nausea lasts longer than 40 minutes.

The second tip is to deal with your child’s pain and swelling. To deal with the pain, give your child the pain medication their dentist prescribed them. If they didn’t receive any pain medication, over-the-counter painkillers should help relieve the pain. To deal with the swelling, ice outside the treated area with an ice pack or bag of frozen vegetables.

The third tip is to keep your child rested and hydrated. It’s best if they rest for one or two days, depending on the treatment provided. As they rest, make sure they drink plenty of liquids. If they had a tooth pulled, they should not drink through a straw and should only eat soft foods. This can help prevent damage to the treated area.

Do you have any questions about how to care for your child after they have had IV sedation in Winter Park, Florida? If so, please contact our dental team at Ortega Dental Winter Park. All you need to do is dial 407-645-3636 and we will be more than happy to assist you.