Smile Saviors: Jaw Pain Treatments

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Are you currently in need of treatments for your jaw pain? If you do suffer from jaw pain, and it appears to happen frequently or regularly, you may be suffering from chronic jaw pain. Your treatment often depends on the type of jaw pain you have and its causes.

Common causes that can arise that contribute to jaw and facial pain include sinus problems, arthritis, and blunt dramas. Any sustained damage to your face may also cause additional damage. If you have suffered damage to your teeth, it may be necessary to repair or replace the teeth to alleviate the jaw pain if the pulp is damaged.

Common causes for jaw pain include oral health disorders such as bruxism, periodontal disease, toothaches, and TMJ disorders. Schedule an oral examination with your dentist to determine if an oral health condition such as these is the cause of your jaw pain.

Treatments for jaw pain vary depending on the cause. Typical treatments for jaw pain include the following:

– Mouth protectors
– Antibiotics
– Muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory medications
– Tooth extraction treatments
– Exercise and meditative therapies to help lower your stress
– Root canal therapy
– Periodontal treatment

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