Tobacco Stained Teeth Often Need a Dental Bleaching Treatment

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Smoking, chewing tobacco, and other tobacco products can introduce complex chemicals and tar to your mouth. Not only can this have a negative effect on your medical and oral health, it can also alter the appearance of your teeth.

Even occasional tobacco use can cause significant dental stains, which might be further emphasized by the frequent consumption of dark beverages.

Some people with tobacco stained teeth feel tempted to experiment with the whitening products available in stores. Unfortunately, you will likely find that they are not potent enough to fully remove significant dental stains.

In a scenario like this it’s best to schedule a dental bleaching treatment from a professionally trained dentist like Dr. Jennifer Ortega. This outpatient treatment represents the most effective method for safely whitening stained tooth enamel.

The process starts by protecting your gums from direct exposure to the potent dental bleaching agents. This typically comes in the form of a special gel or installing a special rubber membrane over your periodontal tissues.

A modest amount of dental whitening agent will then be poured into special trays that match the general shape of your bite pattern. You will need to hold them in your mouth along with a small suction device for a few minutes. Then a special ultraviolet light might then be used to maximize the luster of your teeth.

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